Post Capitalist Philanthropy

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Healing Wealth in the time of Collapse

Alnoor Ladha & Lynn MurphY

Post capitalist philanthropy is a paradox in terms. A paradox is the appropriate starting place for the complex, entangled, messy context we find ourselves in as a species.
Post Capitalist Philanthropy is a result of decades of practice and research, including a hundred plus interviews with leading thinkers, practitioners, social scientists and wisdom keepers.
Post Capitalist Philanthropy takes us on a journey from the history of wealth accumulation to the current logic of late-stage capitalism to the lived possibilities for other ways of knowing, sensing and being that can usher in life-centric models. These “ontological shifts”, as we call them, are at the heart of the text. Creating emerging realities is not simply about how we redistribute wealth or “fight power”, but rather, how we perceive and embody our actions in relationship to a dynamic, animate world.
Our journey begins ...

Into the paradox

We unpack the origins of capitalism and neoliberalism, and the connection between the global structures, the philanthropic sector, institutions and the individuals that replicate the dominant logic.

From paradox to
emerging possibilities

We look to the burgeoning calls for a just transition. We explore and invite ontological shifts - shifts in seeing, being, and relating - to accompany a just transition.

From pyramid logic
to spiral logic

We consider the philanthropic sector through  cosmology, webs of relations, social ecologies, economic biomes,  and the living planet.

Using our approach of “spiral logic”, we explore a relational model for approaching philanthropy.

Walking into
the unknown

Having explored the interwoven, emergent crises and paradoxes, we offer an approach to navigate a continuum of possible futures.

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